ArmRobotics: Making Plans for the Future

ArmRobotics: Making Plans for the Future


By Suzy Gozyan, Kids Talk Radio Armenia, Hollywood, California

( TCA Arshag Dickranian School) 

In 2008, the Armenian Robotics Development and Support Program, otherwise known as ArmRobotics, had been launched. Since then, its aims have been to track and support the development of robotics in Armenia, promote the establishment of organizations in the field of robotics, and develop and conduct robotics educational programs in schools and universities. The program offers students the opportunity to compete in contests that test their mental and physical capabilities as students studying robotics. The program has worked within its resources to launch various courses, such as a new C++ course and a one-month training course, that would be available to students willing to participate. ArmRobotics even offers a Robotics Lab, where exercises are organized for those wanting to study robotics. The Robotics Lab is open to all students with preliminary technical knowledge and provides a wide array of professional exercises. Participants in the Robotics Lab have the chance to design, prepare, and test their own devices. It is located in the High School area of the State Engineering University of Armenia.


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